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Your wedding in Amalfi Coast is undoubtedly first and foremost an emotional and experiential journey. Discover opportunities to actively live this dream and maintains your photos at any time.

Amalfi Wedding - make it real!

Enjoy the experience

Amalfi Wedding

First of all you’re going to experience a place, an important and authentical slice of Country, with its owm culture.

If you’re planning to get marry in Amalfi Coast your journey won’t be so easy to describe, as there is so much variety in such a small place that you’ll be amazed every minute…Just the time to turn your view on the other side and then magic will happen in front of your eye.

In Amalfi Coast magics happen and you will feel part of all this. Also available for Positano wedding.

Amalfi Wedding – the photographer choice

Amalfi coast wedding

A real wedding in Ravello

Deciding where to get married should be one of the first things to cross off from your wedding to-do list. Once you’ve booked a wedding Ravello venue, you can start looking for other essential wedding vendors such as your caterer and decorator. But how do you even decide on a wedding venue in the first place? What makes a good wedding venue?

We understand that everyone has their own dream wedding venue. For some couples, it can be as simple as the backyard of their childhood home, but for others, it may be as grand as the Plaza. Wherever it is, your venue should suit the kind of dream wedding you want to have. Go through the list we’ve prepared below to get an idea of what your wedding venue should be like

Are you looking for a photographer that will pick a straight forward record of the day or a work/talented/ability that will capture the romance and love between you and your partner? You’re might looking for somebody that will record your story as a candid fable. And this is probably because you are thinking to get married in Amalfi Coast and not in a big city all over the world. You should look at the portfolio of Emiliano Russo.

amalfi wedding

You will be in contact with a wonderful team

What will certainly remain of your Amalfi wedding is a picture of it, yet in order to make this memory unforgettable you need of the professionists. And you will definitely will find them in Amalfi Coast

The wedding planner

Doing by yourself could be somethimes a really messy experience, in most of the case when you are from overseas and don’t know the italian system in organazing and planning such a big event. Discover all the things that a wedding planner can do for your Amalfi Wedding.

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Bridal makeup

A wedding is a wonderful lifetime event. The makeup artists of Amalfi Wedding  have created their unique looks, crafted by a team of experts. They understand the diverse skin tones of brides from different countries. Every effort is made to create a customized look in Ravello Wedding that exactly matches the expectation of the blushing bride-to-be.

amalfi coast wedding, ravello wedding, positano wedding

The Florist

This surely is one of the most important element in your wedding, even if the venue is absolutely elegant and charming. Whitout a very talented and creative florist your wedding could missing something that makes the difference. Pick up the right flower with us.

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Nicole Smith
"I have been impressed by Eniliano’s photography skills for a long time now and I was very excited when you learned he had decided to turn his hand to professional photography. Emiliano has a wonderful eye for capturing the perfect picture and an innate ability to bring out the best aspects in his subjects. He is wonderfully easy to work with, with his non-intrusive, creative and passionate attitude, and he is always very professional when it comes to his photographic responsibilities. You will not regret selecting Emiliano to capture your portraits, event’s and special occasions."

Nicole Smith
Anna Riley
"What beautiful pictures! You are a true artist! Thank you so much, we love them. You have given us a way to remember our special day so perfectly Thank you so much for doing such an amazing job"

Anna Riley
Deborah Connor
"I can’t describe his professionality and the results are more than expected. Strongly suggested.."

Deborah Connor
Stefania Bassani
"Emiliano top! I want to thank him for all the time and affection that he has spent, it was great and fun time spent together. It has a special way of relating to the world and to the people and I can say it has become a friend. He has a talent and a unique sensitivity for photography and with him we made an incredible book that we would never have even imagined! Thanks for everything Emiliano, for us it you were important."

Stefania Bassani

Ravello Wedding

Ravello Wedding: Tell us more about your needs.

We are ready to read all about your need and we would like to know more about you and your storylife, in order to suggest the best location for Ravello Wedding and Positano Wedding, the best Hotel and the best services to make your experience amazingly unforgettable.

We will also be pleased to know how did you find us on internet, what made you write us so what you like more about our website and all the suggestion to improve our job will be welcome and very appreciated.

Amalfi Wedding is first of all a team, that was born by Emiliano Russo as an idea to combine wedding and tourism. As we know that a wedding experience overseas is a real torusm experience after all. So we will do our best to satisfy your expectations in Ravello wedding

Positano wedding

Positano wedding: an experience that needs to be accurately planned.

In order to have the best location that will match your needs we will suggest you where is the best for you in such a nice place but also very tricky for the stairs which is Positano. Positano Wedding is an experience that needs to be planned very well before book a date.