Amalfi Coast Wedding Planner

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amalfi coast wedding planner

wedding planner amalfi - amalfi coast wedding planner

Wedding Planner

Doing by yourself could be somethimes a really messy experience, in most of the case when you are from overseas and don’t know the italian system in organazing and planning such a big event. Discover all the things that a wedding planner can do for your Amalfi Wedding.

makeup in amalfi

Bridal makeup

A wedding is a wonderful lifetime event. The makeup artists of Amalfi Wedding  have created their unique looks, crafted by a team of experts. They understand the diverse skin tones of brides from different countries. Every effort is made to create a customized look in Ravello Wedding that exactly matches the expectation of the blushing bride-to-be.


This surely is one of the most important element in your wedding, even if the venue is absolutely elegant and charming. Whitout a very talented and creative florist your wedding could missing something that makes the difference. Pick up the right flower with us.

ravello amalfi coast emiliano russo

Wedding Dress

Every bride desires to be different and to feel unique and the wedding dress plays a vital role! Amalfi wedding dress and wedding dress Ravello choices will surely amaze you.


often the music and the entertainment are overlooked and that’s a big shame, because the right songs at the right moments make your Wedding more enjoyable.

amalfi honeymoon positano honeymoon


Vintage or modern, romantic or very happy the photography is the main element in a wedding. The only thing that will remain and remind you feelings and emotions in your big day

small intimate weddings in italy


Choosing the right videography style is essential to complete what photography alone already makes and it’s also another point of view of the the Big Day!

Wedding Venue

Choosing the right wedding venue is the most time consuming part of your wedding plan but this section is here to save you time.

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Vintage cars

All our models are classic and vintage at the same time. We also have a whole of colour variety that might me suitable for you.

Hairstylist in Amalfi

Hairstylist in Amalfi

Choosing the right wedding venue is the most time consuming part of your wedding plan but this section is here to save you time.

bridal beauty - amalfi coast wedding

Bridal beauty

Choosing the right wedding venue is the most time consuming part of your wedding plan but this section is here to save you time.

professional portraits - emiliano russo

Professional Portraits

Why don’t you take the chance to make a fantastic foto shooting with a portrait photographer in italy?

emiliano russo - amalfi coast wedding photographer

Amalfi Coast Wedding planner

Amalfi Coast wedding planner Excellent choice. Italy is a wonderful country: mild climate most time of the year, many beautiful cities, Italian amazing gastronomy, art, fashion, culture, fun and much more. There are definitely endless explanations, why Amalfi Coast wedding planner is always successful. Here our 5 favorites reasons to choose Italy for getting married in style. amalfi coast wedding planner

Amalfi Coast wedding planner

Italy is renowned for its effortless glamour. The roots of Italian fashion go way back to the 14th Century. Since that time Florence was already bounded with fashion. And in the postwar years of the 20th Century, Palazzo Pitti in Florence has been the place, where the first fashion show has been staged. This familiarity with Beauty, Fashion, Style, makes Italians the perfect Wedding Planners. They know, how to select the most elegant venue, the most amazing Wedding dress, the most spectacular accommodation for the newlywedsamalfi coast wedding planner

Destination Wedding Italy: great hospitality

Because Italy is plenty of wonderful gems, Italians are used to host tourists from all over the world. Warm and impeccable hospitality is a must in Italy. Italians are renowned for their attention to the details and for their good manners. The guests are always treated like kings and queens! And this great hospitality has definitely a big impact on the Wedding organization: even the most demanding people will be satisfied.

emiliano russo - amalfi coast wedding photographer

Amalfi Coast wedding planner

It is possible to reach Italy in many different ways: by air, by land, by sea. There are several airports in Italy and the railway connects both big and small cities. There are many options available, for travelling comfortably; and this is very important for the Wedding guests, especially when they come from far countries. amalfi coast wedding planner

Destination Wedding Italy: enchanting nature

Think about Tuscany, the Lake Garda, the Amalfi Coast: Italy offers you the opportunity to organize your Wedding reception in a breathtaking villa overlooking the country, the wild nature or the deep blue sea. Many different sceneries you can choose from and that will turn your Wedding into a fairytale. amalfi coast wedding planner

Amalfi Coast wedding planner

It’s not simple at all to find the Wedding menu, that satisfies all tastes. This is easier in Italy, because of the wide choice of ingredients and recipes of the Italian Cuisine. Genuine, traditional, modern cuisine: amazing food always plays a central role in the Italian Weddings. And the wines are very high quality in many Italian regions. All guests will be grateful for that! amalfi coast wedding planner

If you want your Wedding to be memorable and unique, Destination Wedding Italy is the ideal solution for you! amalfi coast wedding planner

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Discover how you can customize your wedding with services as floreal design, music, dress, jewelery and

...everything that our trustworthy wedding planners will accurately show you to guarantee only the best.


You are in the right place if you think that photography is the most important thing that you will keep of your wedding in the future.

Visit the wedding galleris or Emiliano Russo website and book with us.


Marriage in Amalfi Coast is not simply a wedding experience, yet is an intimate tourist experience for a couple

...and Amalfi Coast is surely one of the most amazing and romantic places in Italy, even in autumn and winter.


“Ho avuto la fortuna di conoscere professionalmente Emiliano Russo e sono incontri lavorativi che non passano inosservati. Emiliano è infatti un professionista con la P maiuscola. Oltre ad essere capace, serio, preciso e appassionato al suo lavoro, Emiliano ama il confronto con gli altri e nutrirsi sempre di nuove idee e spunti. Le sue foto parlano da sole dell’immensa qualità del suo lavoro. E dietro la macchina fotografica c’è una persona in gamba, rara, empatica e affidabile, a cui molti si dovrebbero ispirare”. Antonella Damiano –

Antonella Damiano, AssistantTop

What beautiful pictures! You are a true artist! Thank you so much, we love them. You have given us a way to remember our special day so perfectly Thank you so much for doing such an amazing job

Anna Riley, Bride

I have been impressed by Eniliano’s photography skills for a long time now and I was very excited when you learned he had decided to turn his hand to professional photography. Emiliano has a wonderful eye for capturing the perfect picture and an innate ability to bring out the best aspects in his subjects. He is wonderfully easy to work with, with his non-intrusive, creative and passionate attitude, and he is always very professional when it comes to his photographic responsibilities. You will not regret selecting Emiliano to capture your portraits, event’s and special occasions

Nicole Smith, Musician

“I can’t describe his professionality and the results are more than expected. Strongly suggested..”

Deborah O' Connor, Writer
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