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Emiliano Russo is member of Fearless Photographers (the nbest wedding photographers in the world), ISPWP (International society of professional wedding photographers), also member of the the National assotiation of italian photographers . The Potraits of Emiliano Russo has been published on important journal like lens culture .

Lots of pictures of Emiliano Russo has been displayed and printed in Russia, in the city of Avoz. Here you can download the official documents from the Russian government .

From September to October 2018 Emiliano Russo will be in New York. We will keep you posted with his amazing pictures on instagram and we will open up a gallery on the website.

Emiliano Russo was officially born as a photographer in 2008/09 in Australia where he won two contest on wildlife photography at JB HIFI in Queensland, while working as a teacher of Italian language and culture. Then he left the teaching to devote himself exclusively to photography.

In the initial phase he worked for tourist facilities and hotels, proposing integrated tourist packages and thus combining his training background (master of cultural tourism) with photography. At the same time he discovered his passion for creative and wedding portraiture, which he began to study through online training courses and workshops around Europe.

From 2011 he started his freelance activity, which branched off in different genres: from storytelling to structures, to portraits, to marriage, looking at events, theatrical and musical photography.

It is mainly active in the Salerno and Amalfi Coast, frequently it moves in Italy and also abroad especially for weddings and storytelling.

His blog is not dedicated exclusively to photography but to everything that touches the multiplicity of his interests.

Currently Emiliano Russo concentrates his work on wedding photography, and retouching for other photographers

Emiliano Russo – Lifeboard – by Daniela D’avino

Eyes are open but they do not always see. On the other hand, it is not only seen with the eyes. When I take a picture, all the senses are similar. Later it is the invisible that remains.




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Marriage in Amalfi Coast is not simply a wedding experience, yet is an intimate tourist experience for a couple

...and Amalfi Coast is surely one of the most amazing and romantic places in Italy, even in autumn and winter.

Emiliano Russo



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Interior photography

I do not think that a photographer necessarily has to specialize in a single genre or even that he has to have a style too marked in that specific genre. amalfi travel

Life and the creative process are a continuum. It is only a mistaken cultural vision to define borders and dichotomies that are never sterile and even functional to marketing. A matrimonialist should be good both in the portrait and in the interiors and in the still life, and these genres if he finds them all in front of him in one day: the most important of his client’s life.  amalfi travel

I am an anarchist of photography, a self-taught at times, that follows only some models and masters and if he seeks them only when he needs them to get to express what he wants and that changes over time.  amalfi travel

I do not want and do not pretend to let my changing style rise on the wishes of my clients. I love meeting the needs of those who commission me a job.  amalfi travel

Personally I love to adapt my vision of the world to the inner world of those who hired me, not only in weddings and portraits but as my clients know very well, even in architectural and interior photography.  amalfi travel

Photography is not just technical. Today more than ever, it has something else and from this point of view I am aware that photography will always be more authorial.  amalfi travel

I constantly seek a balance between emotions and strictly commercial needs. So I’m not a true artist. I am a creative who works for third parties without renouncing the world of emotions.  amalfi travel




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The shot is the celebration in an instant of the empathetic relationship between the photographer and the subject. The imperceptible communication defines the authenticity of a photo.

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