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Do the right thing: choose the Best Wedding Photographer Italy

If you really want to be prepared for your Big Day and if you want to succeed, make sure to care enough about Wedding Photography and to understand the importance of choosing the right Wedding Photographer for you. The Wedding Photographer is different from any other wedding vendors. And do you know why? First of all because the relationship between the Wedding Photographer and the couple is something special. You’re going to spend for example more time with your Wedding Photographer than with your maid of honour on your wedding day. So, if you are planning a great Wedding in Italy, make sure to choose the Best Wedding Photographer Italy. ravello wedding photographer

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Best Wedding Photographer Italy: the importance of the Wedding Photographer’s philosophy

As a Wedding Photographer Italy, I firmly believe that wedding is something, that will completely change your life. Having a Wedding Day, that reflects your style, your love story and your feelings its’ hard work. Therefore, it is important for the Wedding Photographer and bride and groom to be like an orchestra: using its own individuality and own features, while playing together in harmonic way.  I believe in natural posing and in emotional Wedding Photography too. ravello wedding photographer

ravello wedding photographer - emiliano russo

I think that Wedding pictures has to depict your feelings and the atmosphere of the Big Day. So that, even after many years, you will feel the same emotion looking at your beautiful Wedding pictures. This is my philosophy and it is fundamental for you to decide if this might be really right for you.

The Best Wedding Photographer Italy is someone, who has a philosophy, which perfectly suits you and your needs.  When you feel comfortable with his philosophy and also when you meet him in person, you can be sure you have found your Best Wedding Photographer Italy! ravello wedding photographer