Cloudy Wedding in Amalfi Coast

Cloudy Wedding in Amalfi Coast: a precious Mother Nature’s gift

Ready for your marvellous Big Day on the Amalfi Coast? But what do you do if it is cloudy on your wedding day? A cloudy wedding day in Amalfi Coast can be the finest Mother Nature’s gift and nothing to cry about. Do you know why? Here our ideas and experiences with cloudy wedding in Amalfi Coast.

Cloudy wedding in Amalfi Coast: the truth nobody says

Bad weather and clouds on the wedding day are just every bride’s nightmare! All brides around the world dream to celebrate their wedding in a sunny summer day. And nobody dares to say the truth about cloudy weddings:

  • Clouds provide a timeless, exciting and regal backdrop
  • When it’s cloudy, there is for the photographer the best light to work with
  • In a cloudy day the atmosphere is electric

Cloudy Wedding in Amalfi Coast: a precious Mother Nature’s gift


A Cloudy wedding in Amalfi Coast can be a great opportunity. Few people know how magic and amazing the atmosphere in a cloudy day is, especially on this coast, in enchanted places like Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone.


Amalfi Coast is an enchanted place. Therefore, it is a renowned destination wedding: link to: Destination Wedding Italy Amalfi Coast. The scenario is always amazing, but cloudy days give an additional touch of magic to this environment. So, don’t despair for unstable weather: a cloudy wedding in Amalfi Coast will be a great success, all your guests will talk about!

A cloudy wedding in Amalfi Coast: Villa Cimbrone and Villa Rufolo

As an Amalfi Coast Wedding Photographer, I have experienced many different situations: rainy, sunny, cloudy, hot, cold, stormy wedding days. Some of my best pictures have been shot in cloudy days. The couples, who have lived such weather conditions, love these wedding pictures: less heavy shadowing on the faces, but especially a timeless atmosphere. Claire and Mike for example enjoyed a lot the shooting in Villa Cimbrone and in Villa Rufolo, that was nothing short of great. If you have never seen or read about Villa Cimbrone and Villa Rufolo, have a look here: Villa Rufolo Ravello Wedding and here: Villa Cimbrone Ravello Wedding. These Villas are stunning and the most incredible wedding venues. A cloudy wedding in Amalfi Coast, therefore, is an experience of rare beauty: the time stops and emotions play a key role. Cloudy wedding in Amalfi Coast are a great opportunity!