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Walter and Maria are two very particular and sensitive people. Since our first meeting we have discussed at length about how to create wedding preview photos that go beyond the obviousness, the banality, the already seen. On the photos of the 30s, however, we agreed to structure a project that was not an end in itself but that also referred to the local and historical context of the Amalfi coast.

So on the one hand we had the need to represent their passions and their interests for those places, in particular their passion for motorcycles, which transposed in the photos of the 30s could mean using a vintage motorcycle. But we did not want to focus the story on it alone. The motorcycle must therefore be an element among many: an accessory that would have accompanied them on this journey through time.

We have therefore chosen the locations giving importance to different factors 1) the meaning that these places had in their history as a couple. 2) the light 3) the elements

We chose winter as a season to avoid finding crowds of tourists that would inevitably undermine our every attempt to make the story vaguely surreal.


Walter and Maria have found suitable objects and clothes to represent a popular love story in these 30s photos. The register therefore refers to the historical and traditional universe of the Amalfi coast.

To make everything more “vintage” I used the Fuji X100F almost completely putting aside my Nikon.

The choice of backgrounds has been very much entrusted to chance and to our mutual insights on the moment.

Our 30s photos were therefore the result of a fortunate series of circumstances. Certainly the planning has determined its success, but without a doubt much has also positively influenced the light, grazing and beautiful in the sunny winter days on the coast, where you can admire the fabulous colors that elsewhere is difficult to find.

The genus is that of the portrait set. Walter and Maria two actors who interpreted their story on the suggestion of the 30s.

The final result can be judged by this gallery.

And in which era do you want to set your photos?

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