italy destination wedding locations

Italy destination wedding locations


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Italy destination wedding locations

If you are looking to organize the most romantic, unexpected, glamorous and unforgettable wedding, we are here to suggest you about the ideal Italy destination wedding locations.

In Italy, there are literally limitless wedding locations from which to choose. From North to South it is plenty of big beautiful cities: Rome, Milan, Neaples and many others. But you can also choose amongst small centres. Think about Ravenna, Reggio Emilia, Perugia. Or why not to consider small villages, for example in the romantic Tuscany countryside or along the stunning Amalfi Coast?

Charming Italy destination wedding locations: an Italian villa

If you have selected the Amalfi Coast as THE place, to say “I do”, you will start to look around for the ideal venue, where to host your wedding reception.  Our suggestion is to rent an Italian villa. This will be used exclusively for your wedding. Thus, it is an intimate way to bring friends and family together. This is a great choice, not only for the wedding reception, but for the whole period your guests will be in Italy for the wedding events. It will be comfortable for them to know each other in such an amazing environment. They will have for example the opportunity to share every single moment of this experience with bride and groom too. Why an Italian villa is one of the best ideas to consider, amongst several Italian destination wedding locations? Because it can be suitable also for:

Charming Italy destination wedding locations: a monastery

No one ever forgets the wedding day, but if you want to be sure that your Big Day will be memorable, and not only for you, but also for all the guests, you have the opportunity to host your wedding reception in a monastery! Italy is the cradle of history and culture. Therefore, it is plenty of ancient buildings, cloisters, monasteries. An Italian Convento is often surrounded by beautiful gardens. Sometimes, like in Amalfi or in Siena or in Sicily, these venues have been restored and are now gorgeous hotels. Think about how spectacular can be spending the wedding night in such an enchanting place! And your wedding reception, organized within ancient walls, will turn into a fairy tale. Let’s imagine the astonishing contrast between the monastic life and the present glamour of these luxury locations. Fascinating!

These are just some examples of what you can expect from Italy destination wedding locations. Italy is a treasure, that we want you to discover!