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This is a very interesting interview with one of the most popular and amazing person in Amalfi Coast. Let me introduce you Salvatore Aceto. Salvatore and his father manage the Lemon Garden of Amalfi, a family farm of which you can read more in our experience page of the website. Yet, this interview is more focused on weddings and tourism and I asked Salvatore several questions on the topic.
Have already been marriages within the lemon garden?  Can you tell us how you have performed them and how the couples enjoyed their day with you and your family?
  • It took place two pre-wedding and a marriage confirmation anniversary in our lemon garden. One of the two prewedding was really intense. They enjoyed the excursion at the Lemon tour first, then took part at the Lemon Cooking Experience and then celebrated all of my family. It was really nice and exciting. At the confirmation of marriage event we arranged two equipped areas among lemon trees: one where the celebrant performed the ritual confirmation of marriage. We also had several guitar musicians to welcome guests, yet they also played during the ceremony. The other area was equipped for romantic tasting dinner, always with musical accompaniment. The musicians were as fully local as lemons are!
Do you believe in the high level of satisfaction as functional matter to the entire tourism industry of Amalfi Coast?
  • I think that our enterprise as other related business project are crucial for a great development of the territory, for sustainability and to keep a high quality of incoming tourism with a good percentage of retention…. We basically have a strong appeal on environmentally friendly guests, who love local food, feeling healthy…They just love nature and they want to see all these things here. So they require us to keep safe the territory. Just Good & Clean.
You mentioned business related activities…So in what exactly you would differ as a wedding location or better wedding venue?
  • Our location is unique so far, in my opinion. It is a broad mix of things: agricultural production of excellence “Amalfi Lemons”, sustainable organic agriculture, processing and direct marketing of products, short chain, history (rural museum and the family life), traditions, direct experience of the food (pizza & cooking lesson with basic lemon), educational tours and meetings … and so much more in an enchanting and stunning place like this make this place on top boho and country chart of wedding location for next years.
Then you already have a clear idea on the type of couple who want to recall at this place…
  • Surely yes. The process is just real now. The millenials are looking for the comfort but also looking for nature, agricoltural and organic tourism. And not only the millenials but the aged too.  They are passionate of eco-compatibility, permaculture, emotional tourism, educational green and in particular the want experience with local people. They want to talk with us and ask questions to us in order to better understand our culture. So these couple are not different from the general type of new turist. They simply want to celebrate their love in this unique environment. I think is some way they just feel part of it, not superficially, but deeply. They are going deepin in experience now.
So do you think that emotional and experiential tourism is the future?
  • Absolutely yes. Emotional tourism is already a social fact. We need of more storyteller on the Coast as in the next future this will be the main need that we should supply.

ather that you give to local and human interaction a big value that makes a tourist destination successful.

  • Yes, I give to human interaction a high importance. We are a family with daily working activities. Our guests assist to the daily life of my family and part of the have a lunch with us. You can figure out how this makes them feel and how deeper is their experience.
What does “autenticity” mean for you?
  • “Autenticity” is simply a true story for me.  In my case is the story of my family, are the activities and sacrifice that we do everyday to keep this paradise alive. “Autenticity” is my father, his life and what is continuing to do for me and our family. My father preserve the deep culture of Amalfi Coast, the middle Coast, the ground, its soil and its legends and miths. “Autenticity” is tradition and this is what we try to explain to our guests. They are in love with all this. If some of them chose to celebrate their love here the reason could be just this.
Maybe they realize that you and your family are like the sacred keeper of deep value and they want to find a connection with these values, as soon as they become a family. This is also very romantic. Well, most of my customers repeat the word “romantic” when they are here for a wedding and they write me this word even by email. But the weddings in Amalfi Coast are also very elegant and classy. How do you imagine the future of weddings in Amalfi and Ravello, or Positano?
  • “I am a farmer not a technical expert, but I also have several skills. As you know I was business consultant. Well, I think we are already assisting to a variety of proposals and offers here. The boho and rural weddings are increasing, such as in the main villas and hotel of the coast. This market is consistant here and it will be huge in the future if we will continue to keep out territory beauty and safe.
Why a client who are staying in a luxury hotel on the coast choose the location for this type of experience? What is the motivation in your opinion?
  • We actually have lots of clients from luxury hotels around the coast. They simply want to combine comfort with real experience, with autenticity that we we were talking about. They confirm a trend that will be huge in the future.
Is there any risk that emotional and experiential tourism can distort the collective identity so the “social actors” would end up playing a role that won’t  correspond to their cultural universe? If you think so,  how can we make this side effect limited?
  • The risk is real for sure. And this is a side effect of money. The risk is being passive storyteller without any passion in working with guests. This is the human nature all over the world. yet, We always do the best to be “clean”, transparent, real and down to the earth. In any case we need to be grounded as we have to keep our territory sane if we want this, if we want lemons and guests together. We could never pretend to be different or something else as this is what we really are.  I don’t have a recipe to put a limit to human mistakes in the future but living with the feet attached to the earth with humbleness and looking at the sky, the stars and the sun.


 I don’t have a recipe to put a limit to human mistakes in the future but living with the feet attached to the earth with humbleness and looking at the sky, the stars and the sun