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amalfi coast beach wedding



What can an Amalfi Coast beach wedding in Amalfi can give you back in a printed album is magnificient.

You can rejoy all the feelings in an amazing fine art storyboard.

emiliano russo - amalfi coast wedding photographer

Amalfi Coast beach wedding

Amalfi Coast beach wedding

From my point of view it makes no sense argue on “posing” or of making a “reportage”, as in the modern marriage these components cannot stay separated even in a Boho wedding itay

The “reportage” or  “photojournalistic” style  must deal with the bride, groom and guests counsciousness in recognizing the photographer in his culturally determined role in that ritual, within prescribed schedules and manner  and thus each of naturalness ostentation is just unrealistic.

The “pose” as it was intended in the 80’s died in that decade and despite the recent revival it could never be what it used to be. It ‘s clear how in a context where everything quickly changes  is no longer unthinkable a “pose” in classical sense, where bride and groom repeated gestures and attitudes far from what they really are.

You can speak today of “natural posing”, even for an engagement shooting or for wedding. The couple have more complete freedom of expression in different moods that characterize their marriage. Boho wedding Italy.

So we have a series of images that are pre-built on one side (light, space, background) but on the other hand we have a highly representative result of the couple’s personality, as nothing is told them concerning hands to position, basin tilt and look to manage.

The married couple is aware of the shutter time, conscious of being in the background of chosen location for its beauty, which thus clearly wants to keep as an unforgettable frame in a boho wedding Italy.

emiliano russo - amalfi coast wedding photographer

Amalfi Coast beach Wedding

An intimate wedding on the Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast beach wedding


Couple seek a framework to “armonically” inscribe the moments of their love. What characterizes the modern bride and groom is the consciousness of the mechanisms for seeking the desired result, during shootings.

Contemporary newlyweds are generally informed and very sensitive. They know photography and are conscious of what they choose in terms of quality, price and especially stylistic and emotional impact of final results.

They want a poetic and fairytale storytelling not only of the day itself, yet of their relationship first. Photos must be “citation”, linking to something that goes beyond the wedding, with a before and an after the time.

My photography is “evocative” with some kind of surrealism but it does not deny storytelling. However, the narrative function of photography transcends the obligation to document the facts only. There are many other elements that contemporary couples are increasingly seeking for.

Booking a consultation with me is about to know each other, it could mean going beyond the supplier / customer relationship, while maintaining a high level of professionalism in terms of contractual rights and obligations on the acquired service.

It is the certainty of receiving that particular result which is based on that level of empathy communication that only the sensitive people can understand.