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emiliano russo - amalfi coast wedding photographer

Amalfi Coast photographer

Abigail and Kieran – a boho wedding between Amalfi and Praiano with elegant and minimal style

Everyone wants their wedding pictures to be perfect. Thus, an Amalfi Coast Photographer has the huge responsibility to capture one of the most intimate moment of your life as couple. Wedding Photography is a great combination of technical skills and attitude. In fact, the best results are achieved when the couple and the Amalfi Coast Photographer are on the same page. Therefore, there are some crucial things to keep in mind, so that your Wedding pics will be the best memories of your Big Day.

Tips to make the most out of your experience with an Amalfi Coast Photographer

The best way to ensure you will get the Wedding pictures you desire, is to spend time before the Wedding to plan and organize the details with your Photographer. With that in mind, you should consider though, that you cannot plan exactly how you will feel during that special day. The emotions, you won’t control, and the unexpected events you cannot foresee, are also one of the best part of Wedding Photography!

emiliano russo - amalfi coast wedding photographer

Amalfi Coast photographer: enjoy every single moment in your wedding

A moody wedding in Ravello

Apart from this, please remember the following:

  • Even the best Photographer is not a mind reader. Therefore, in order not to end up disappointed, talk frankly with your Amalfi Coast Photographer. Make clear if you prefer posed family portraits or candid shoots instead.
  • Prepare a Wedding day plan: as we said, you cannot control your and other people feelings during your Big Day, but you can plan all the rest! Thus, it’s a brilliant idea to provide your Amalfi Coast Photographer with a schedule of the day. This will include also the places, where you want to go, to get some extra special shoots.
  • Enjoy the moment, have fun and relax. The best way to look splendid in your Wedding pictures is to enjoy the day. The tension will be high, it’s true, but do not forget family and guests are there to live and share with you funny and relaxed moments too.

And eventually, never forget why you are there and why your Photographer is there with you. While you are experiencing one of the most joyful day of your life, the Professional is working. And he will do the best to provide you a result you will like. But even most experienced Photographers need the cooperation of the couple. This synergy is the secret of the best Wedding pictures.