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When the Wedding celebration is over, the honeymoon is the beginning of the two of you starting your lives together!

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Positano and Amalfi honeymoon: details not to miss!

A boat tour engagement in Amalfi

When the Wedding celebration is over, the honeymoon is the beginning of the two of you starting your lives together! It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience; therefore you have to make your best to plan something unforgettable. The Amalfi Coast is an unbelievable romantic place for the honeymoon! In order to make the most out of this amazing location, here some tips.

The importance of pictures

First of all, a nice couple shot will be something you’ll be glad you have, when you will be back from your Amalfi honeymoon. In fact, if you are spending some days of your honeymoon in Amalfi, you should consider to hire a professional Photographer. He will become the storyteller of the most important trip of your life! Once at home, you will look at the pictures and will not only remember those fantastic days: you will almost feel the same emotions and taste of the magic moments one by one. Beauty lies in the little things and your professional Photographer will be able to capture light, colors, shade and shadows of your perfect Amalfi honeymoon.

Positano Honeymoon

A boat trip of a nice couple in Amalfi Coast

Details are important

During the honeymoon, you have the power to take the romance to another level! Therefore, think about nice details and plan something, which will ensure your honeymoon will be a passion-filled getaway. The accommodation of your Amalfi honeymoon or Positano honeymoon is one of the most important things to plan. Make sure to choose the right accommodation in Amalfi or in Positano or Ravello: for an example a Hotel or a Villa with an outdoor pool or a Jacuzzi, for spending romantic nights. You will open a bottle of champagne under a sky full of stars; or you will have a bath in a huge Jacuzzi, surrounded by rose petals!

And what better way to start your life journey as a married couple than hiring a classic car for your Amalfi honeymoon? You will have the opportunity to drive along the Amalfi Coast and you will have the freedom to choose the restaurant and the beach you prefer.

We will be glad to help you planning everything: the details are fundamental to us, because every couple need a customized honeymoon experience!