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Elopement Intimate Wedding Positano

Elopement Intimate Wedding Positano: romantic and small is beautiful


Thinking about an Elopement Intimate Wedding Positano?  We are ready to welcome you to Positano, which is a small picturesque town of the Amalfi Coast, with amazing coastal views and a magical atmosphere. It’s an exciting place, where to say your vows, just the two of you!

emiliano russo - amalfi coast wedding photographer

The attention to the details in an Elopement Intimate Wedding Positano

An amazing experience with Linda gatto

Elopement is great, if you choose it for the right reasons. The big don’t is: you are not eloping just to save money. It’s true that a wedding is a big investment and that eloping is easier to plan and requires also a smaller amount of money. But this doesn’t mean that your Elopement Intimate Wedding Positano has to be poor or improvised. Just the opposite: the success of an elopement lies in the attentions to the details. Therefore, make sure you’ll think about:

  • a suggestive venue
  • flowers, candles and symbolic elements
  • a Professional Elopement Photographer 
  • local vendors, who will help you making your dreams and your needs come true
emiliano russo - amalfi coast wedding photographer

Elopement Intimate Wedding Positano: free is beautiful

An intimate wedding in Positano

Many couples ask us, if there is an etiquette to respect when eloping.

While there are legalities to take in consideration, there are no exact rules to follow. For example, you can dress in white and formal or you can have fun with your look and think about something special and out of ordinary. And the same about the location: complete freedom.

Positano is perfect for eloping on a beach or on an elegant Terrazza overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. And you have plenty of other elegant and romantic options.

Enjoy the freedom of an Elopement Intimate Wedding Positano and make it special! Write personal vows, book a Michelin star restaurant, organize a yacht trip: do whatever can make your wedding day even more memorable.