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elopement wedding abroad



“I do not like posing” … well you should be unaware of being photographed when you do not want photos posing.

There are nuances between “pose” and “reportage” and generally they characterize what is called “modern” photography.

emiliano russo - amalfi coast wedding photographer

Elopement wedding abroad

A happy wedding renewal at the Hotel Caruso

Elopement wedding abroad: a small guide

Are you looking for an unconventional adventure? Do you want to avoid the big pomp of a traditional wedding? Do you desire to save money? Then an elopement wedding is the ideal choice for you. We have been helping many couples to organize their elopement. Therefore, we have prepared a small guide, with some tips and suggestions you may find useful.

Elopement wedding: tips and suggestions

If you have decided to celebrate your elopement wedding in Italy (great choice!), don’t forget to:

  • take care of all legal details: better to ask local Professionals for help, in order to avoid bad surprises
  • plan everything in advance: even if you are dreaming of a simple ceremony, only you and your beloved, this doesn’t mean you don’t need to plan with plenty of time. Remember that you can have more choices in terms of location and services, if you start planning a good
  • time in advance!
emiliano russo - amalfi coast wedding photographer

Elopement wedding abroad

An amazing wedding Renewal in Ravello

  • hire a local Photographer: it is fundamental to document your day. This is important for traditional weddings, but even more for an elopement wedding because it allows you to share the moment with all the people, who couldn’t be there
  • make this day great and special: so, you have decided to choose the intimacy of an elopement wedding! Let’s make this day magic and memorable. Don’t be afraid to exceed with the details; spoil yourself and you will remember these moments all lifelong!

The organisation of an elopement wedding should consider also other details: do you wants rings? Are you going to dress a traditional bridal dress? Do you want to carry a bouquet or wear a boutonniere? All these details depend on your desires and volunteer: an elopement wedding doesn’t oblige you to respect strict rules. Do what you feel it is most appropriate for you and your fiancé and enjoy this very special occasion. This is the beginning of your new life together!

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