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engagement proposal ravello



How to organize an Engagement Proposal Ravello she will never forget:

plan everything in advance, pay attention to romantic details and be yourself.

emiliano russo - amalfi coast wedding photographer

Engagement proposal Ravello

A personal and unique event: Your proposal in Ravello

The Engagement Proposal and how you proposed will be remain forever as one of the sweetest memory of your love story. Thus, it’s fundamental to plan with attention your Engagement Proposal Ravello. Ravello is one of the most romantic Engagement Proposal destinations in Italy. A romantic weekend in Ravello can be for example a great occasion for planning your proposal in style.

Engagement Proposal Ravello: a romantic getaway

If you really want to surprise her and to make the most out of your Engagement Proposal Ravello, why not to plan a romantic getaway? So, your Engagement proposal won’t be limited to an exact moment but extended throughout the whole weekend. Here a couple of suggestions for a very romantic Engagement Proposal Ravello:

emiliano russo - amalfi coast wedding photographer

Engagement proposal Ravello

An unforgettable wedding proposal in Positano

  • When you arrive in Ravello, rent a Vespa to tour the city. While touring Ravello, simply stop in the place you love, with the most breath-taking view or on a secluded beach. Then, drop down on one knee and utter the four magic words. Open up your hearth and the magic of Ravello will do the rest!
  • After the tour in Vespa and the romantic day spent in Ravello, visiting Villa CimbroneVilla Rufolo and Ravello’s Cathedral, a romantic candle light dinner is what you deserve! Enjoy with your fiancè the extraordinary Italian cuisine and choose among the best wines of the world.

To end your day dedicated to Engagement Proposal Ravello in style, don’t forget to have roses, candles and champagne all set up in your hotel room. In Ravello even the simplest and little hotels are dreamy and romantic. And you will have plenty of different choices for organizing a perfect stay in this magic town on the Amalfi Coast. In order to succeed with your Engagement Proposal Ravello, plan everything in advance, but before the great moment, don’t overthink it: just be yourself and express your feeling. This will be an Engagement proposal she will never forget!