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italian themed wedding



Organizing an italian themed wedding is not a simple thing.

Couples should be aware of investing more time in event organization; certainly greater than a classic wedding, boho or modern wedding.

emiliano russo - amalfi coast wedding photographer

Italian themed wedding

To delegate the organization to a talented and precise wedding planner is the first wise choice you have to take if you are focusing on italian themed wedding.

Staged elements must assume narrative coherence, time dedicated to guests experience must have a predetermined succession.

Giving the guests a more active and fun experience make a huge benefit of an italian themed wedding.

The risk is that you cannot coordinate the elements, so having a good schedule and to do list is essential.

A successful theme wedding is undoubtedly where elements flows without taking focus away from couples.



An example of successful wedding themes is that of Nadia and Francesca.

Inspired by the last four James Bond 007 movies, brides thought of a very theatrical ceremony and moments of significant experience for guests.

Photographically they re-invented the preview in a real per-sequel with abduction and resolution within the Paestum Temples.

Pilot episodes were created after rewriting the story between Bond and Q, that is not revealed in the movies.

Certainly a personal interpretation that makes Nadia and Francesca jump in the center of attention and makes them fully protagonists of their marriage.

The pure wedding moment is there but overlaps with history and is functional to it.

More than a narrative path, photography follows a portrayal and creative leitmotiv that does not completely emulate the film, but suits the taste of brides.

emiliano russo - amalfi coast wedding photographer

Italian themed wedding

The secret of a successful wedding



The key elements for the success of an italian themed wedding are many:

You dare: there can not be a winning theme wedding if you do not overcome the fear of doing things in a completely different way from others.

Systemic Approach: The elements of marriage have to harmoniously follow instants. Further the professionists who will be called to fulfill their role must dialogue to make everything go as established.

Time control: more attention has to be paid to timing management. This is important in order to give the same importance to the individual parts of the event and not to annoy guests.

Light study in the location: a good wedding planner should twist event into space, taking into account light also to facilitate works of other professionals called on the spot.

Personalization: The theme should not obscure the personality of a couple, but rather exalt it and somehow differentiate it.

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