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italian wedding photographer

emiliano russo - amalfi coast wedding photographer

Italian wedding photographer

Couples come to Italy from every part of the world. They come with great expectations, because they are sure to experience the perfect Wedding in Italy. They are right! Italy is plenty of wonderful places. Mountains, sea, hills, ancient historical towns, countryside villages and much more. As an Italian Wedding Photographer I have a big responsibility. It is big part of my job to helping bride and groom make their dream come true.

An Italian Wedding Photographer: the impact of emotions and feeling on Photography

The secret of making beautiful Wedding pictures is a combination of many things…Surely it is important for the Photographer to have a good technical equipment and to capture the right light. At same time, also the beauty of the place plays a fundamental role: many spots in Italy are so romantic and elegant, that it seems there is nothing to add. However, as an Italian Wedding Photographer, I believe that emotions and feelings really have a big impact on the Wedding pictures. The feelings each couple share are different and make every single Wedding picture unique. My Wedding Photography in fact is not only about the scenery: it is about the importance of express themselves, to share emotions, to be natural. Also, I love my work and it is a great sensation to mix this passion for my job with the excitement and the love, which the couple spreads.

emiliano russo - amalfi coast wedding photographer

Italian wedding photographer

Choose your favorite place in Italy for your Wedding pictures

There are many places in Italy, which are perfect locations for your Wedding. It’s up to you to decide which part of our country inspire you most. Feel free to choose your favorite one. And your Italian Wedding Photographer will be there with you! In fact, it will be a big honor for me to join you in Rome, in Venice, in Florence, in Siena, or wherever you want to organize your Big Day. By contacting me, we can also check together, which are your needs and your desires and find the ideal city or town, to turn everything into reality.

Your memory of the Wedding in Italy will last forever and I’m proud, as an Italian Wedding Photographer, to have the opportunity to be a part of this amazing experience!

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emiliano russo - amalfi coast wedding photographer

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