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italy honeymoon

Italy Honeymoon: take a break from the world


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emiliano russo - amalfi coast wedding photographer

Italy Honeymoon

Some happy honeymoon ideas for your case

So, are the Wedding celebrations over? You feel joyful, happy, grateful as you have never been in your entire life…but let’s say the truth: you are exhausted too. Almost a whole year spent planning and organizing everything, in order to have the perfect Wedding and now you definitely need a break! And if you fancy relax, romance, tasteful food and enchanting landscapes, you deserve an Italy Honeymoon!

Italy Honeymoon: many different options for a newly wedded couple

If you decide to spend your Honeymoon in Italy (well done!) you really have plenty of choices, in terms of cities to visit. First of all, you have to choose which part of Italy best suit your plans. Maybe the North of Italy, where you can spend some romantic days in Venice. Venice is magic, with its canals and gondolas. Can you figure it out to cross with your spouse the Canal Grande in Venice in a gondola, while the gondolier sings a romantic serenade? Or maybe you have always dreamed to see Rome during your Italy Honeymoon. Rome is a magnificent city, mix of culture and art and the emblem of La Dolce Vita style. From Rome, then, you can easily reach the South of Italy, which will welcome you with its fantastic weather and its famous beaches. Think about the enchanting Amalfi Coast: a dream turning into reality!

emiliano russo - amalfi coast wedding photographer

Some tips to enjoy a perfect Italy Honeymoon

Some good ideas for honeymoon

No matter where you go in Italy. You won’t be disappointed! But here some tips to take the most out of your Italy Honeymoon.

  • When should you go? If during your Italy Honeymoon you want to avoid the crowd, but still enjoying a nice weather, the best months to explore Italy are from April to June and from September to October.
  • Better to book Hotels or private villas? Spend your nights in a luxurious Hotel in Rome or in another romantic Italian city, such as Verona or Florence. And then just relax in a private villa overlooking the sea, in a small village on the Amalfi Coast or in Sicily. This will be a perfect mix of glamour and nature.
  • What about transports? There are approximately 70 airports in Italy, and from the airport you can move by car to the different destinations, if you want to enjoy the small-town experience. You can then leave the car and make an unforgettable Vespa Trip in Tuscany or in Liguria. And if instead, while travelling, you just want to sit and admire the landscape, don’t forget about train, to move from North to South of Italy.

Are you ready for your Italy Honeymoon? It will definitely take your breath away. Enjoy every single moment and fill up your hearth of colors, romance, tradition, beauty.