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Lemon tour Amalfi

lemon tour amalfi

emiliano russo - amalfi coast wedding photographer

Top things to do in Amalfi: the great experience of the lemon tour Amalfi

Have you chosen Amalfi as the location for your Big Day? Then you will surely have, before and after the celebrations, some spare time to enjoy the enchanting Amalfi as a tourist. In fact there are many top things to do in Amalfi. You can explore the beaches, visit different buildings and taste the delicious Italian cuisine in very renowned restaurants. One of the experiences you don’t have to miss out and that we consider one of the top things to do in Amalfi, is definitely: the lemon tour Amalfi. lemon tour amalfi

Lemon tour Amalfi: a unique experience surrounded by lemons

Amalfi is a wonderful place full of colors: the deep blue of the sea or for example the green of all plants and greenery around. But one of the main colors, that you won’t easily forget is: the yellow. The yellow of the renowned Amalfi lemons. In fact, in Amalfi you can find the lemon everywhere: in the Limoncello, in the lemon sorbet, naturally in the food recipes and even in the soap!  Therefore one of the top things to do in Amalfi is to join the lemontour. You will walk through the lemon trees: the incredible smell of the lemons will delight all your senses. A unique experience you cannot do in other places of the world! lemon tour amalfi

emiliano russo - amalfi coast wedding photographer


Lemon tour: let the experts guide you on this amazing Tour

If you want to enjoy the top things to do in Amalfi and you fancy the lemontour, let the experts guide you through this experience. Contacting Amalfi Lemon Experience you will not only walk through the lemons; you will also learn a lot of interesting things about the growing of a lemon. And finally you will also taste them. All people, who have bitten the lemons during the lemontour, have understood why the Limoncello is so damn good! The people, who run Amalfi Lemon Experience, give the opportunity to choose between the Classic lemon tour or the Private tour. And with them you can also combine this amazing walk with other great experiences, such as: the Wine Tasting, the Cooking Classes and much more. If you don’t want to leave anything behind of the top things to do in Amalfi, visit Amalfi Lemon Experience and contact them! lemon tour amalfi

Top things to do in Amalfi: a Wedding proposal under the Lemon trees

Not only the Wedding Day deserves your attention. Another special moment, that you will be happy to relive in the future, is the Wedding Proposal. If you like the nature and the lemons in Amalfi, why not to think about a Wedding proposal under the lemon trees? It is an original idea, that will make the pictures of your Wedding proposal unique. You will feel a whole with the nature of Amalfi and the bright yellow colors of the lemon plants will fill your eyes and your heart with unbelievable sensations. Every time you will look at these pictures, you will feel like you have never left Amalfi! lemon tour amalfi

Make the most of your time in Amalfi. A lot of exclusive experiences are waiting for you!

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emiliano russo - amalfi coast wedding photographer

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