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Portrait photographer Italy

Portrait photographer Italy

emiliano russo - amalfi coast wedding photographer

Portrait photographer italy

Welcome to the “Portrait” page of Emiliano Russo – Fine art photographer

The kind of portraiture that inspires me is contemporary, but my gaze looks at the past and a bit of painting, but without any presumption. portrait photographer italy

I try to represent the subject through an emotional lens. My goal is certainly to exalt significant elements of personality rewritten in a mood and in a context that in some way reflects in part my mood, my feelings.portrait photographer italy

To those who ask me if there is a component of autobiography in my photos, I answer yes, but this component is always the final product of a compromise.


It is a project that represents the synthesis of the personality of the retracting and the photographer’s eye.portrait photographer italy

Portrait photographer Italy

A real workflow that will be animated by the purpose of realizing a personalized creative study on the subject, through the choice of themes that will enhance fragments of personality, moods, a story and in some cases a single emotion in all its facets. portrait photographer italy

emiliano russo - amalfi coast wedding photographer


Fine art portraits can become a way to express yourself, to tell something that will not remain only tomorrow, but will tell you something today.

It is trivially said that photographs must tell stories or at least convey emotions. A photograph that transmits emotions may not tell any story, except the reflection of what the observer wants to perceive. You can convey a message and represent it through light, but also through interpretative intensity. But the sense of what it represents is always culturally constructed through the historically determined semantics. It is true there are good photos and bad photos, but it is time and culture to decree the location.

A photographic portrait is not just for actors to be used in casting or casting.
Entered in the post-selfie era the need for self-representation arises in everyone. For what? There must necessarily be an end? Should there be force a story? Someone would say that a picture without a narration does not interest anyone. It’s really like this?

The photographer is consequently and the choice is often based on the type of background that the couple sees in his portfolio. On the contrary, millenials tend to choose the photographer first, because they know photography and the visual arts and are active users of new media in general.

For you who are aware of the quality of the product you buy it will be much easier to customize a final product that fully meets the needs you have set. Portraits photography Italy

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emiliano russo - amalfi coast wedding photographer

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