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“I do not like posing” … well you should be unaware of being photographed when you do not want photos posing.

There are nuances between “pose” and “reportage” and generally they characterize what is called “modern” photography.

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emiliano russo - amalfi coast wedding photographer

Positano elopement

A personal and unique event: Positano elopement

A personal and unique event: Positano elopement

Are you dreaming of planning a romantic elopement to Italy? Do you love tradition, spectacular views, culture, delicious food and friendly people? Then, Positano is the right place for you. And a Positano elopement can definitely be pure magic!  Positano exudes romance: wander away from the crowds of the main beach and enjoy the sunset with your beloved in a pretty cove. Book a stay at an elegant Hotel in Positano and spend there an amazing honeymoon.  Choose a secluded venue, to celebrate an intimate wedding, that you will remember all lifelong.

Positano elopement: make sure you will relive these great emotions

If you have chosen to elope to Italy you probably desire to elope in a no-frills ceremony, only with the closest members of your family and few friends present. Or perhaps no one at all. Maybe you just want to be alone with your loved one, just the two of you, in order to enjoy every single moment of this authentic experience. If this is the case, you have to make sure to capture all the instants of that day.

emiliano russo - amalfi coast wedding photographer

Positano elopement

An unforgettable wedding proposal in Positano

A Positano elopement Photographer will be your ally and will find for you amazing locations, where to realize a unique photo shoot. So, thanks to elopement amazing pictures, all the people that were not present at your Positano elopement will feel part of that magic experience. And you will relive with them these special sensations over and over again.

Why choosing Positano for your elopement? 

Big ceremonies for the Wedding make often bride and groom being overwhelmed and often feeling stressed. The option of the elopement, instead, leave to the couples much more time to enjoy the place and the situations. Therefore, Positano and the Amalfi Coast are just brilliant for your elopement. First, they are an enchanting scenery for a very romantic elopement. Furthermore, they are the perfect place where to spend your Honeymoon too. The hilltop town of Positano lies along the spectacular Coast. And you will enjoy here sunshine, history and long, exciting days by the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea. And don’t forget that you can depart from Positano, to explore and visit the nearby islands.

Let’s celebrate your Positano elopement in style!