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ravello italy wedding



“I do not like posing” … well you should be unaware of being photographed when you do not want photos posing.

There are nuances between “pose” and “reportage” and generally they characterize what is called “modern” photography.

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emiliano russo - amalfi coast wedding photographer

Ravello Italy wedding

A happy wedding at the Hotel Caruso

Ravello Italy Wedding: an experience not to miss out!

Are you wondering why many couples dream of a Ravello Italy Wedding? There are several good reasons and it is not possible to mention all of them. But let’s give you some examples! First of all Ravello is the pearl of the Amalfi Coast. It’s an enchanting and magic town, where many renowned people and many artists, like Wagner, have found inspiration. Also it’s a place with a glamourous touch and it’s plenty of wonderful spots, which some of the classiest people have raved about over the decades. All this and much more is Ravello and therefore a Ravello Italy Wedding even exceeds the expectations of bride and groom and of their families and guests.

Ravello Italy Wedding: the charms of history

In Ravello there are not only fabulous hotels and villas, where your Wedding reception can be held successfully. There is also the mix between nature and history, which makes the atmosphere magic, timeless and perfect for your Ravello Italy Wedding. Talking about historical buildings, the Duomo, with its shining façade, is the spiritual center of Ravello and of its social activities. The Duomo is a combination of Baroque and Romanesque styles and was built in the 11th century. Its bell tower dates back to the 13th century and shows, instead, Byzantine influence. The wonderful Duomo can be the perfect location for your Wedding pictures. In fact, the Wedding Photography is not only a matter of place; it is about atmosphere and ambiance. Therefore, for an Amalfi Coast Wedding Photographer it is a place not to miss out.

emiliano russo - amalfi coast wedding photographer

Ravello Italy wedding

A romantic wedding in Ravello

A Ravello Italy Wedding: experience the stunning nature

The Duomo is a great example of the historic heritage of Ravello. And all around there is its stunning nature: the turquoise sea, the beaches, the lovely gardens. Let your Wedding Photographer play with all this elements and your Wedding album will become something rare and distinctive. Ravello is like a film set, with its secret lanes leading to hidden gardens and sudden little squares and this environment make all couple crazy about a Ravello Italy Wedding. The colors of Ravello will play a significant role in your wedding pictures and the natural atmosphere of the town make people being joyful and happy. The happiness you deserve on your Big Day.

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