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ravello wedding photographer



Ravello Wedding Photographer is the perfect choice, if you fancy an elegant, exclusive, glamourous Wedding.

emiliano russo - amalfi coast wedding photographer

Ravello wedding photographer

A romantic wedding at Villa Maria

Ravello’s beauty is hard to rival: its position on a mountainside along Italy’s Amalfi Coast.

Its small streets and the breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea will amaze you.

Your Photographer will grab all this magnificent beauty and he will be able to express it on the Wedding pictures.

You will add more value to your personal emotions and feelings.



As a Ravello Wedding Photographer, I believe that your Wedding pictures have to be real.

Bride and groom are not mannequins in front of the camera.

The Wedding pictures have to catch the gestures and expressions, which say something about their personality.

The Natural Posing will highlight the emotions of the couple, their synchronized movement during the whole day.

Therefore, in my artistic vision, the beauty of your Big Day has to come out spontaneously.

Nothing will be artificial.

What makes the difference, if you decide to celebrate your Big Day in Ravello, is the glamorous touch!

Everything in Ravello has a sophisticated, elegant and exclusive taste! I

t will be my pleasure to grab this atmosphere and to turn it on the pictures into a timeless Wedding experience.

emiliano russo - amalfi coast wedding photographer

Ravello wedding photographer

A romantic wedding in Ravello


Ravello is the town, where the details talk to your intimate soul and evoke everlasting memories for you, for your family and guests.

Think about some pictures of your Wedding, depicting the bride and groom on the Vespa, in the wonderful Villa Rufolo gardens.

Close your eyes and imagine the amazing Villa Cimbrone, or the Ravello Duomo, or the historic buildings and the spectacular vistas.

Your Ravello Wedding Photographer will take care of every detail.

The Wedding Photography experience cannot be repeated and cannot be the same.

Every emotion is different and every part of Ravello will be a different emotional background for your Wedding Day.

Ravello Wedding Photographer can grant you that the shoot itself will be an unforgettable experience.

And also, the Wedding pictures will never be outdated, because they don’t represent just a place or a moment, they represent who you are!