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villa eva wedding ravello



feeling like home!

emiliano russo - amalfi coast wedding photographer

Villa Eva Wedding Ravello

feeling like home

Organizing a wedding abroad may not be very easy. On the Amalfi Coast the vendors and the other people involved in the Wedding Industry are aware of that. Therefore, they open their arms to foreign couples and their families, and they make all is possible to make the places on the Amalfi Coast the brides and groom’s home away from home, as they celebrate their wedding. One of the most amazing places, on the Amalfi Coast, and in the enchanted Ravello, is: Villa Eva. A Villa Eva Wedding Ravello will be ever successful, because of its elegance and atmosphere and in addition because everybody will feel relaxed and pampered, like at home.

Villa Eva Wedding Ravello: a wedding in a private venue immersed in a vast 3000sqm park of centenary trees

emiliano russo - amalfi coast wedding photographer

Getting married abroad: it’s not so difficult as you may think

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Villa Eva in Ravello is located in historic Ravello, next to the centre. It is renowned for its vast 3000sqm park of centenary trees and for its position. In fact a Villa Eva Wedding Ravello is something astonishing, because from this position it is possible to enjoy a breath taking view of the coast below. Being part of the same complex of Villa Maria and Hotel Giordano, Villa Eva can be a perfect choice, in terms of wonderful accommodation for families and guests. Villa Eva is exclusively utilised for events, and this assures to all weddings privacy and all the attentions by the whole staff of the Villa.

Villa Eva Wedding Ravello: a customised and relaxed wedding

In Ravello, Villa Eva is a hidden gem, in a beautiful late liberty style. It’s elegant and exclusive, but at same time it is a place, where couples feel relaxed and like they were at home. In fact they can customize their wedding as they prefer. They can choose among tree shaded areas, they can opt for an outdoor ceremony or even for a more informal wedding ceremony in the barbecue area.

Villa Eva Wedding Ravello: the best place to celebrate the beginning of your new life after the wedding!