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wedding details



The wedding certainly does not do the details, but they do it.

However, the well-groomed and personalized details can make an unforgettable moment even more special.

emiliano russo - amalfi coast wedding photographer

Wedding details

Make it special!

Photographic services for the production of promotional material and advertising campaigns of various kinds such as posters, flyers, publications in newspapers and magazines, music, theater, still life, etc. The planning of the work will be carried out according to your directives or by interacting with the advertising and printing agencies your company relies on, or through the help of professionals in the sector who have collaborated for years in various projects and with whom there is a relationship of trust and esteem.

The storytelling for companies will be carried out taking into account factors related to the client’s marketing needs, appropriately planned and planned in the preliminary phase. In the design phase, the use is taken into account and the product use web and print use is differentiated. The strategies will therefore be oriented according to the indexing parameters of google (importance also to the texts) and expressly aesthetic canons in print use.

emiliano russo - amalfi coast wedding photographer

Wedding details

Make your wedding special

Wedding details


I offer a wide range of photographic services even if essentially I define myself as a matrimonialist photographer, portraitist and very skilled in interior and architectural photography. I do not think that a photographer necessarily has to specialize in a single genre or even that he has to have a style too marked in that specific genre. Life and the creative process are a continuum. It is only a mistaken cultural vision to define borders and dichotomies that are never sterile and even functional to marketing. For example, a matrimonialist should be good both in the portrait and in the interior and in the still life, and these genres if he finds them in front of everyone in one day: the most important of his client’s life.

I am an anarchist of photography, a self-taught at times, that follows only some models and masters and if he seeks them only when he needs them to get to express what he wants and that changes over time.

I do not want and do not pretend to let my changing style rise on the wishes of my clients. I love meeting the needs of those who commission me a job. Personally I love to adapt my vision of the world to the inner world of those who hired me, not only in weddings and portraits but as my clients know very well, even in architectural and interior photography.

Photography is not just technical. Today more than ever, there is something else and from this point of view I am aware that photography will always be more authorial. I constantly seek a balance between emotions and strictly commercial needs. So I’m not a true artist. I am a creative who works for third parties without renouncing the world of emotions.