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wedding italy

emiliano russo - amalfi coast wedding photographer

Wedding Italy

Emiliano Russo is a prefessional wedding Photographer based in Amalfi Coast


Emiliano Russo is an italian wedding photographer based in Salerno, Amalfi Coast and Ravello, available for wedding services all over Italy and Europe.

I love natural posing under beautiful light. Look forward to meet “emotional” and creative people who are interested in my moody and sometimes “intimate” portraits in weddings. I don’t mind photojournalism, but it is not the main component of my research.


I love being creative, yet i think that the location, the venue are important when somebody choose a place rather than other. This is the reason why I prefer to avoid unfocused background, and it’s definitely more challenging and exciting the “frame”. That frame will remind you the story of your wedding day, all the feelings you got when you looked around and felt part of so much beauty with the most important person of your life. Yet, actually I don’t want to write what is my idea of your story.

I just want to let you decide what to write by the light. I simply tent to design the structure of a fable.  Wedding Italy

emiliano russo - amalfi coast wedding photographer

Wedding Italy

Emiliano Russo will make the best photo shoot for your wedding

I am not looking for glamor in marriage, although I come from an area with a high tourist vocation, where glamor in wedding is still very popular today.

What really gratifies my work is the constant search for images that give back to the clients fragments of emotions that they felt that day, as if to look for the photo that recalls a song in turn associated with the narration. So not the narrative and then all the rest, but evocative images to hang up that memory.

I am looking for a compromise between past and present that does not compromise the reason why I work, ie the needs of my clients: changeable, emotional, impromptu and deeply in love, who do not ask to be used as dummies in my hands under a wonderful light, but they ask to be told to tell them the story, or rather to be able to freely give themselves to the objective without my forcing. They look for my style, but they do not want to be used as models. They simply want me to portray them through my eye, but it is right that they feel free to give themselves to the lens through their manner.

emiliano russo amalfi coast wedding photographer - ravello - positano - sorrento

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emiliano russo - amalfi coast wedding photographer

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