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weddings in Italy

emiliano russo - amalfi coast wedding photographer

Weddings in Italy

Weddings in Italy: the perfect location for you is out there 

Why is Italy a very popular destination for the couples, who want to get married abroad? Because Weddings in Italy have all the perfect features you are looking for: they are utterly romantic, elegant, glamourous, spectacular. If you like mountains or lakes, you have plenty of choice in Italy; and likewise if you fancy a seaside Wedding venue: think about all the small Italian towns, with wonderful beaches and crystal clear water.

Italy boasts stunning cities like Florence, Rome, Venice or Naples, an enchanting coastline, like the Amalfi Coast and a heavenly countryside, for example Tuscany and Umbria. The choice is very difficult because, along with the big Italian cities, renowned for their beauty, there are also many unspoiled treasures still to be discovered by tourism. Therefore, how to select the perfect place, considering this wide choice? As a Wedding Photographer I have been very lucky to attend many Weddings in Italy. Therefore, I love to share my knowledge with bride and groom and, together with my team, I’m more than happy to support the couples, who need advices about an Italian location for their Big Day. There is no doubt that you will find what perfectly fits to you and to your expectations.

emiliano russo - amalfi coast wedding photographer

Weddings in Italy

Tips to plan the organization of unforgettable Weddings in Italy

When it comes to organize a Wedding abroad, at the Beginning everything seems difficult. No panic! With our help and with some tips I want to share with you, everything becomes possible! First of all it is important to make a good plan, for example:

  • a list with the number of guests to invite
  • a possible date for the Wedding
  • the kind of ceremony desired (Classic, Symbolic etc.)
  • a budget

All these elements affect the location choice. For example, it is important to consider in which season you want to get married in Italy. Concerning the Weddings in Italy, it is not only a matter of the weather, because the sun shines in Italy most part of the year, starting from early spring up to the whole autumn usually. But, depending on the place, you will be able to fix a date, knowing in advance if it is high season or low season. This means you can decide whether to tie the knot, when the location is full of people or if you prefer instead a quieter period. Just ask us and we will help you making the right choice!

Whether you fancy a spectacular Wedding in Rome, or a romantic one on the Amalfi Coast, or a discrete ceremony in a small town in Tuscany, your Wedding Photographer will be with you. When it comes to Weddings in Italy, my aim is to leave you the best memories of this day, with true and emotional Wedding pictures, and to helping you organize everything, which precedes those unforgettable moments.

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emiliano russo - amalfi coast wedding photographer

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