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“I do not like posing” … well you should be unaware of being photographed when you do not want photos posing.

There are nuances between “pose” and “reportage” and generally they characterize what is called “modern” photography.

emiliano russo - amalfi coast wedding photographer

Weddings in Ravello

A happy wedding at the Garden Hotel

Are you dreaming about ethereal and romantic decorations for your Wedding Day? Do you imagine the guests illuminated by the candlelight and colored flowers, which fill the air with an amazing perfume? Are you visualizing a seaside small and glamourous Italian town as the perfect place for your Big Day? Then, you are definitely thinking about Ravello. The Weddings in Ravello are for people like you: elegant, romantic, passionate about details.

Weddings in Ravello: the magic of the Amalfi Coast

Couples, who get married in Ravello, have plenty of choices, when it comes to the Wedding venues. One of their favorite places is Villa Cimbrone. Many brides and their grooms fall in love with the idyllic gardens, the statues, the hidden temples. Everything in Villa Cimbrone is a perfect background for the Weddings in Ravello. Few places in the world are like this. Many reasons make Villa Cimbrone the ideal spot for the Weddings in Ravello: its stunning greeneries, its arbors and rose gardens and definitely its heart stopping view of the Gulf of Sorrento from the Terrace of Infinity. This amazing Terrace is adorned with eighteenth century marble busts and is a natural balcony set on the cliffs of Amalfi Coast. A place, where couples can enjoy the restrained glamour of Ravello.

emiliano russo - amalfi coast wedding photographer

Wedding in Ravello

A romantic wedding in Ravello

Villa Rufolo and its beautiful gardens: an unforgettable scene for your Wedding pictures

Talking about Weddings in Ravello it’s impossible not to mention the wonderful Villa Rufolo and its beautiful gardens, which dates back to the 13th-century. The Torre d’Ingresso has a Gothic structure and this architectural theme continues throughout the whole Villa. It is said that the renowned composer Richard Wagner fell in love with the beauty of Villa Rufolo gardens and that he used them as inspiration for the magical garden of Klingsor in his Parsifal. And now these gardens can become the background of your Wedding pictures. The beauty of this place will enhance your personality and your emotions. So, when you will look at the pictures of your Big Day, you will almost experience the same atmosphere again and again.

The flavors, the colors, the nature and the buildings in Ravello are unforgettable and make the Weddings in Ravello unique!