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I always felt that to do this work as well as having expertise and technique was necessary to listen to understand and have a strong empathy with the subject of my shots. The bride and groom, witnesses, family members, the wedding guests or events that immortalized with my goal are the real protagonists of a story.

A history of emotions, moments, situations to be immortalized, tell and return to my customers so they can relive the emotions most beautiful time of the day of their life or a special event.

My photographic stories are born during the first interview with my clients, both Italian and foreign, during which in fact understand what and what kind of work is best suited to them, so as to give him an indestructible and emotional memory.

It is important to grasp even the little things in order to then achieve great images, combine some stolen photographs, pictures interpreted to return to the married couple the emotions of their wedding.

I am always busy in giving the bride and groom an emotional communication, and therefore able to go beyond the simple image sequence. I try to capture the emotions, the gestures, the looks of the guests, family members, details, dresses, flowers, and the location, then nothing will be left out during the photo shoot of marriage.

Ravello better than lots of other places explain this concept that I keep in my mind.

Ravello weddings are mostly elegant e classy, but not all of them. Many people want to enjoy the beauty and the elegance of the main and popular venue and hotels, but they also want to live experiences.

Living experiences in Amalfi Coast is pretty much having contact with the real life and meeting local people who live in a very busy but welcoming daily life.

So how to combine elegance and local daily life, specially in wedding session or in the days before and after the wedding.

How put these different experiences in the photography without taking the risk to be retorical or in the worse cases repeating always the same classy pictures that surely after several years will become “unwatchable”?

The answer to the question above is surely connected to customization and listening to the clients feelings, then show them the opportunity that the territory can give to them.