Street photography in New York

street photography in New York - emiliano russo

Street photography in New York: my amazing experience

When it comes to big cities, it seems, that everything has been told about them and that their beauty has been shown in all ways possible. But while visiting a big city and living there for a while, it’s easy to understand that this is not true. In the past months I have been so lucky to go to New York as a Wedding Photographer. And I have had the chance to experience the Street Photography in New York, which has been both a precious opportunity for my profession as Photographer and a great way to look at the Big Apple with different eyes.

Street photography in New York: people going through their everyday lives will amaze you

I was amazed by Street Photography in New York, because the people, the situations, the events are uncommon and extraordinary. What could I learn from the Street Photography in New York?

street photography in new york - emiliano russo
  • Everything is incredibly much faster here than in all Italian and European cities. One word to describe New York is: movement. There is a never-ending amount of things happening there and this is a great resource for Photographers. Photography in these situations can tell much more about a city, than thousand words and descriptions.
  • Although the speed and the crowd of New York and the common problems of the big cities, people are friendly and don’t mind posing in front of the camera. They are ready to talk about their history and life experience. Thus, Street Photography in New York was for me also a rare chance to get knowing new and very interesting persons. The result was I came in touch with people from all around the world, who have done incredible things and who have shared with me memories, expectations and even stories of border-line phases of their lives
  • There are millions different sides and perspectives of the Big Apple: looking in New York’s people eyes, you will learn a lot about something new and discover every time a new meaning of this gorgeous city.
street photography in new york - emiliano russo

All my colourful, touching, sweet, shocking pictures of the everyday life in New York will be likely to become an exhibition. I think, in fact, that the Street Photography in New York is a fantastic way to depict the big Apple. Even the touristy shots look different, if they tell at same time about persons feelings. Look and enjoy my gallery: you will see pieces of life, joy, anger, satisfaction. This is what I saw through my camera, what captured my attention, what shocked me or amused me. And this is something very precious I want to share with all of you.