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classic wedding ravello



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Classic Wedding Ravello

A classy and happy wedding in Ravello

A wedding can be organized following the guidelines of a thousand different styles, but the most romantic couple and traditionalists prefer no doubt that their celebrations are characterized by a style of classical flavor, timeless in its elegance. classic wedding ravello

Organization of a wedding in classic style starts with the choice of the church in which to celebrate the union of two lovers.

Baroque churches are very suitable for this purpose , which, with their architecture, will be the romantic and spectacular setting in one of the most important days of their lives. classic wedding ravello

A Roman church allow, on the other hand, to have a greater number of decorations that will stand out adequately in comparison with the simple and bare architecture.

The choice of location also deserves special attention: you should choose a villa with a beautiful landscape or a historic building that confer elegance and class to the wedding banquet. classic wedding ravello

The location of the decorations must be prepared with great skill and cutlery, glasses, place settings and centerpieces will be finely decorated.

Participations and invitations will be preferably printed on white or ivory parchment and the text will be gray or black, without making the mistake of choosing a different font than those traditionally used.

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emiliano russo - fotografo salerno e amalfi, ravello, positano, capri, ischia, sorrento

Classic wedding Ravello

A romantic wedding in Ravello



Taking care of the the menu: better to choose dishes of Italian culinary tradition, and not exaggerate the portion dosages, preferring instead a wide variety of courses. It will require a careful selection of wines to accompany the meal.

The cake will be strictly white and plans, square or round shape: no American cakes, but prepared and garnished according to the traditions of the great Italian pastry.

The bouquet that the lucky bride is holding and walks down the aisle is traditionally the last gift that the groom gives the gift before the lovers become husband and wife.

Of course the groom, when choosing the bouquet, will follow the valuable advice of his girlfriend: in fact, the bouquet should always be coordinated with the outfit that will be worn by the bride, who, you know, the groom can not know in advance.

The color of the flowers will be combined with the bridal gown color: a white dress will allow a much wider choice, while for clothing from ivory or pastel tones have to be careful that the colors do not conflict with each other.

The bouquet can be accompanied by a bouquet holder, which was a popular subject during the nineteenth century, though at the time it was especially gorgeous, decorated with gems and finely chiseled, modern port-bouquets are characterized by simplicity, the usually simply no silver decorations particularly in view.

It must also keep in mind that the bouquet must not be too heavy: the bride should indeed be allowed to handle it comfortably without stress. The flower is a symbol of love, beauty, the new season blooming. Precisely for this reason, every bouquet must give proper emphasis to the bride that leads him as symbol of new life, of beauty and naturalness that from that day forward the two lovers live together.

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