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You might have an idea to chose the best venue and hotel for your wedding and leave us the way to organize it at the top!

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emiliano russo - fotografo salerno e amalfi, ravello, positano, capri, ischia, sorrento

Luxury wedding Ravello

A classy wedding at the Hotel Caruso

When we initially met Ruth &Jack , it was clear they were looking for a Classy Wedding , in fact they had a very definite idea about their wedding day . Italian wedding photographer

Their ideal wedding location had to take place in a gorgeous Hotel , they aimed to offer to their guests a top class treatment.

Ravello was the right place for them with its beautiful villas, breath-taking views on the Amalfi Coast the and the high quality service provided by the luxury hotel they selected.

The Belmond hotel Caruso was the best place to choose for a dreamy ceremony and wedding reception Venue .

This 5 star luxury hotel was absolutely the perfect place where they could plan the unforgettable classy wedding of their lives .
The Protestant wedding ceremony performed by our Pastor took place in a magical setting , under the the olive trees shade overlooking the beauty of the blue sea below.

An elegant cocktail with canapés, Italian prosecco and drinks was served in a different garden with the same stunning view while a bossanova trio entertained the wedding party.

emiliano russo - fotografo salerno e amalfi, ravello, positano, capri, ischia, sorrento

Luxury wedding Ravello

A romantic wedding in Ravello



The charming Wagner garden was chose for serving the refined sit down dinner :romantic hotel garden, unique view and great floral arrangements on the dinner tables where the right Key for creating the perfect Italian wedding style.

Wedding cake cutting was accompanied by exclusive fireworks and their first dance was a very touching moment in the night pool scenery with the Amalfi coast lights as a background.

This was for sure an experience their guests would remember for long time…

Realizing this wonderful , perfect wedding day has been possible thanks to the magical setting of the hotel Caruso , the hard work of our service providers and the special feeling we established with this beautiful couple .

All these elements has contributed to help The Ravello Events wedding planner to make your wedding day still more special!!

Best wishes Ruth and Jack

Credit to Ravello Events

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