Italian wedding photographer

Italian wedding photographer

Emiliano Russo – Italian wedding photographer

Emiliano Russo was born as a professional photographer in 2008/09 in Australia where he won two contests on nature photography at JB Hi-Fi in Queensland, while working as a language and Italian culture teacher .

Then he left teaching to exclusively devote himself  to photography.

In the initial phase he used to work for tourism industry and hospitality, offering integrated tour packages and therefore combining his educational background (master in cultural tourism) to photography.

Emiliano Russo used to work as well as bloggers in English,  for individual structures and producing relevant images to the text, as well as in line with the needs of the client.

Then he started to become an interior photographers for the same hotels and villas.

In the same time he discovered a passion for creative portraits and weddings, which made huge by studying through online training courses and workshops around Europe.

Since 2011 he began his freelance activities, which branches out into different genres: from storytelling to structures, to portraits, to marriage, looking out the event photography, theater and music.

As italian wedding photographer he is primarily active in Salerno and Amalfi Coast, frequently moves in Italy and abroad mainly for weddings and storytelling.

Currently Emiliano Russo focuses his work on the wedding photography, interior tourism and portraits for actors.

Emiliano Russo – Lifeboard – Daniela D’avino

Wedding Photography
Interior Photography
Fine art print
Web services for tourism industry

I offer a multiple range of photography services although essentially I can define myself as a wedding photographer now, portraitist and a very skilled one in photography of interiors and architecture.

I do not think that a photographer must necessarily be specialized in one genre or even that it should have one distinctive style in that specific genre.

Life and creative process is a continuum. It ‘s just a wrong cultural vision to define boundaries and dichotomies that today more than ever are sterile and not even functional to the marketing strategies.

A wedding photographer should be also good at portrait photography and interior as well as still life.

I’m an “anarchist of photography”, self-taught at times, who only follows some models and teachers in order to give back some kind of emotion or feeling hidden in the picture.

I do not want and neither pretend to be given the status changing my style on the will of my clients. I love meeting the needs of those who commissioned me a job.

Personally I love to adapt my vision of the world to the inner world of those who hired me, not only in weddings and portraits but as my clients know very well, even in the photography of architecture and interiors.

Photography is not just technical. I am aware that photography will be more and more authorial. I constantly seek a balance between the emotions and strictly commercial needs. Therefore I am not a true artist. I am a creative person who works for a third party without giving up the world of emotions.

Nicole Smith
"I have been impressed by Eniliano’s photography skills for a long time now and I was very excited when you learned he had decided to turn his hand to professional photography. Emiliano has a wonderful eye for capturing the perfect picture and an innate ability to bring out the best aspects in his subjects. He is wonderfully easy to work with, with his non-intrusive, creative and passionate attitude, and he is always very professional when it comes to his photographic responsibilities. You will not regret selecting Emiliano to capture your portraits, event’s and special occasions."

Nicole Smith
Anna Riley
"What beautiful pictures! You are a true artist! Thank you so much, we love them. You have given us a way to remember our special day so perfectly Thank you so much for doing such an amazing job"

Anna Riley
Deborah Connor
"I can’t describe his professionality and the results are more than expected. Strongly suggested.."

Deborah Connor
Stefania Bassani
"Ho avuto la fortuna di conoscere professionalmente Emiliano Russo e sono incontri lavorativi che non passano inosservati. Emiliano è infatti un professionista con la P maiuscola. Oltre ad essere capace, serio, preciso e appassionato al suo lavoro, Emiliano ama il confronto con gli altri e nutrirsi sempre di nuove idee e spunti. Le sue foto parlano da sole dell'immensa qualità del suo lavoro. E dietro la macchina fotografica c'è una persona in gamba, rara, empatica e affidabile, a cui molti si dovrebbero ispirare". Antonella Damiano- AssistantTop

Stefania Bassani

What I mean is...

Shooting is an instant celebration of empathy between the photographer and the subject. Imperceptibly communication defines the authenticity of a photo.