Photographer New York: exciting photography spots

New York is plenty of exciting photography spots and is heaven for any photographer. Therefore, I have explored myself several different places in the city. This enables me to suggest to my clients the best spots where to plan a photography shooting, depending on the occasion they are celebrating. Especially for a Photographer New York it’s a good idea to shoot not only in the restaurant, in the hotel, in the house, where the event takes place. Because outside there are many iconic sites, the perfect background for an emotional, true and real photography. For example:

  • Grand Central Station, with its vibrant crowd and its spectacular building
  • Rockfeller Centrum with the majestic statue depicting Atlas
  • Central Park: a spot, that offers many occasions of great photography, with its terrace, its beautiful steps, its atmosphere, its fountain

These great places are not only ideal for tourists’ photos. As Photographer New York I always look for a new perspective, for the story behind, even if I’m shooting in famous and iconic sites.


If you are planning an event in New York you can be sure that this will be great, because New York is amazing and puts no limits to the imagination. If you have chosen a gorgeous venue for your event and if you want it to be perfect, you cannot miss out the opportunity to make it even more special and memorable, choosing the photographer, that can suit your needs and help you make your dream come true.