Puglia Wedding Photographer

puglia wedding photographer - emiliano russo
puglia wedding photographer - emiliano russo

Discover Puglia with a Puglia Wedding Photographer. Ask your Puglia Wedding Photographer to guide you through Puglia. The country, the beaches, the artistic cities are the ideal setting for every couple

puglia wedding photographer - emiliano russo


Discover Puglia with a Puglia Wedding Photographer

For couples coming from all around the world, it has become quite usual to plan the Big Day in Italy. Then, dreaming of a magic Wedding in Puglia, in the South of Italy, has become quite popular as well.

Puglia wedding photographer

If you live abroad, you may think, that it’s not easy to organize your wedding in Puglia. But by contacting a Puglia Wedding Photographer, you will have the great chance to enjoy Puglia, instead of struggling with the hassles of the Wedding organization.

Puglia seen by a Puglia Wedding Photographer: let’s get inspired

Why is Puglia a fabulous place, where to tie the knot? Here just some of the reasons:

  • genuine local and delicious food, such great olive oil
  • splendid Masserias
  • deep blue sea
  • medieval architecture in beautiful cities like Lecce
  • natural scenery, perfect backdrop for amazing Wedding pictures

An Italian Wedding Photographer loves the wedding breakfasts and wedding parties in the cobbled courtyards, the Aperitivos Alfresco in the olive groves, the Wedding ceremonies in ancient Masserias, where rural and elegance intertwine successfully.

Puglia Wedding Photographer: the right setting for everyone

Puglia is not a huge region, but it’s plenty of places, which are very different from each other. In fact, in the countryside, the couples will have plenty of choices among the Masserias, the Agriturismi, and other beautiful rural accommodations and venues. At the same time, Puglia is very near to the coastline of the famous Mediterranean Sea. This wonderful combination between country, deep blue sea, and cities full of art makes Puglia the perfect setting for every couple and every Wedding as for amalfi coast wedding photographer

Puglia Wedding Photographer is a very lucky Professional, who can capture with his camera memorable moments of love in a fantastic Italian region.

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